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live recording session #117

Samstag, 21.11.2009

Patrizia OLIVA – voice, electronics, object
Stefano GIUST – drum, electronics, object
Renato CIUNFRINI – clarinet, wind instruments

“All music that we play is free improvisation”

CAMUSI ist ein Duo für improvisierte Musik aus Italien. Patrizia Oliva und Stefano Giust arbeiten mit Schlagzeug und Stimme, Electronics und kleinen, spielzeugähnlichen Objekten. Diesmal ist Renato Ciunfrini zu Gast, der neben der Klarinette auch andere Blasinstrumente einsetzt.­camusi­renatociunfrini

CAMUSI is the name used by the duo made by Patrizia Oliva (aka Madame P) and Stefano Giust.

The project is based on improvised music: the esthetic approach of the two musicians interact with each other touching different areas, such as contemporary music, avant-garde jazz, electro-acoustic. Voice, electronics and drums have the same role and dialogue following a sort of instrumental democracy.

They duet and at the same time they develop different architectural layers and perspectives. Both musicians, Stefano and Patrizia, are among the new wave of the Italian improvised music and are individually and together part of many different experimental groups. Camusi played in Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium.



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