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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

live recording session #144

Sunday, 05.12.10


Luca MARINI – drums, percussion
Audrey CHEN – cello, voice, electronics

KAMAMA in Cherokee means both elephant and butterfly. There is no overlap in meaning other than the supposed resemblance of the long trunk and flapping ears to the proboscis and wings of that insect. This duo loosely embodies elements of this kind of disparate pairing. Chen and Marini combine the raw energies resultant from and continuously growing out of their respective histories and experiences. Since their first encounter early this year in 2010 and after playing forty some concerts all across the US, they have been forming a new language which steadily deepens, evolves, converges and exposes their inherent similarities and striking differences. It is ecstatic music. It is contrary music. And at times, they depart completely from one another as two distinct creatures, but then are drawn back into the fold of an undeniable tenderness and comprehension.


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