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Luc Film – Goldene Gene



Goldene Gene

AT 2016, 90 min, Wolfgang Konrad, Ursula Hansbauer, Clemens Stachel

Premiere: 6.10.16, Filmcasino, Filmstart: 7.Oktober 2016

golden genes



Technical Data
Running time: 85
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: Original languages
Director(s): Wolfgang Konrad, Ursula Hansbauer, Clemens Stachel
Writer(s): Clemens Stachel
Cinematographer(s): Leena Koppe
Producer(s): Wolfgang Konrad


Music and voice-over recordings (EN), surround mix/master: Amann Studios Vienna
Score by Klaus Lang (reed organ) and Barbara Konrad (violin)
Production company
LUC Film
Westbahnstraße 1A/14
1070 Wien
International Sales
Lindengasse 25/10
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 944 30 35
fax:mobile: +43 699 100 289 00

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