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Harald Friedl – Vom Orchesterleben. Das Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich

TV Documentary by Harald Friedl, 60 min, A 2008

Production: Bernhard Pötscher
Director of Photography: Bernhard Pötscher
Additional Camera: Astrid Heubrandner, Peter Röhrlser
Sound: Ina Nikolow, David Benedikt 
Production Management: Monika Maruschko
Editor: Petra Zöpnek
Director: Harald Friedl
Sound Mix: Christoph Amann 

With Johann Decker, Alexander Gheorghiu, Erik Hainzl, Kristjan Järvi, Orfeo Mandozzi, Chih-Yu Ou, Michael Pircher, Leopold Schmetterer, WalterSchober, Emil Zitarevic and all the musicians of the Tonkünstler Orchestra of Lower Austria.


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