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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

live recording session #175

Saturday, 26.05.12


the classic reformARTquartet
Paul FIELDS – violin, piano
Karl Wilhelm KRBAVAC – viola da gamba, piano
Sepp MITTERBAUER – trumpet
Fritz NOVOTNY – glockenspiel, reeds


Isabelle DUTHOIT – clarinet, voice
Erhard HIRT – guitar
Zsolt SÖRES – viola
Franz HAUTZINGER – trumpet

Danielle DAHL – saxophone

Selected productions

  • Summer Lei – Summerplanet, Light of Darkness

      Summerplanet/Light of Darkness Vinyl Releases Sony Music Taiwan © 2013 CD/Vinyl Mastering: Amann Studios

  • Hermann Nitsch – Streichquartett II

    Trost Records - TR192 - 2019 - Trost Records The recording was chosen as one of the 10 best records 2019 by the renowned All about Jazz magazine Hermann Nitsch’s String Quartet No.2 in six movements for 2 violins, viola, and violoncello, transcribed by Michael Mautner and performed by the Viennese Koehne Quartet. Recorded during the exhibition NITSCH. Spaces of Color at […]