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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

Speakers List

Voice – Sprecherverband Österreich




English Speakers

  • Julie McCarthy 
  • Jim Libby 
  • Steve Crilley 
  • Mike Lock 

Selected productions

  • NIRMALI FENN – The Clash of Icicles

    Kairos - 0015055KAI – 2019 - Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: EAN Code: 9120040731960 Artist(s): Hong Kong New Music Ensemble Composer(s): Nirmali Fenn Recording Date: various Recording Venue: various Release: January 2019 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann

  • Tangtype – Trajet.

    Humpty Dumpty Records HMPTY029 - 2015 - HumptyDumpty Recorded in Brussels and Vienna, final mix at MINUSGROUNDZERO, Vienna, mastered at AMANN STUDIOS