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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

Public live recording: Viv Corringham – Mia Zabelka

Saturday, 16.12.17


Viv Corringham (US/ UK) – voice, devices
Mia Zabelka (AT) – violin, voice, devices

Cafe Oto 6

This international duo is characterized by diverse music traditions. Zabelka from Austria with Czech familiar background plays with Viv Corringham, originally from the UK, now living in New York. Zabelka uses vocals, acoustic and electric violin, electronic devices, Corringham vocals and electronic devices to develop a variety of experiments with varying means in improvisations of maximum span. Each performance is a special “case”, a reaction to time and place and the contacts between musicians. Characteristic is the strong, often abrupt change between delicate, almost inaudible sounds and big sound gestures full of energy and explosive power. Through the ongoing research of sounds and silence they create a unique, highly intense voice, the universal language of improvised music.

Selected productions

  • NIRMALI FENN – The Clash of Icicles

    Kairos - 0015055KAI – 2019 - Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: EAN Code: 9120040731960 Artist(s): Hong Kong New Music Ensemble Composer(s): Nirmali Fenn Recording Date: various Recording Venue: various Release: January 2019 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann

  • JOANNA WOZNY – as in a mirror, darkly

    Kairos - 0013192KAI – 2011 - Kairos Musik Artist(s): Klangforum Wien, Enno Poppe, Titus Engel, Sascha Armbruster, Martyn Brabbins, Rüdiger Bohn, Sophie Schafleitner, Dimitrios Polisoidis, Andreas Lindenbaum, Janna Polyzoides, ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien European Workshop for Contemporary Music, courage-Dresdner Ensemble für zeitgenössische Musik Composer(s): Joanna Wozny Release: June 2011 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann