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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

Ulrike Schweiger – Twinni

89 min, A 2003

Director: Ulrike Schweiger
Director of Photography: Michael Riebl
Original Music: Stefan Jungmair, Hannes Konecny
Rental: Filmladen
Writer: Ulrike Schweiger, Michael Tanczos
Special Effects: Christoph Amann, Stefan Jungmair


Selected productions

  • Klangforum – ¿Vorwärts – Rückwärts?

      0013202KAI - © 2013 KAIROS Music Production Mix/Mastering of “un posto nell’acqua” by Olga Neuwirth: Amann Studios

  • Susanna Gartmayer – AOUIE Bass Clarinet Solos
    Susanna Gartmayer God29

    GOD 29 – 2015 – AOUIE is a series of pieces for Bass clarinet as an exploration of polyphonic sound universe. Within interaction of spatial and instrument sound, Susanna Gartmayer uses a variety of sounds to produce consistent work dealing with multiple dimensionality and simultaneity of acoustic events. This release is cooperation with Chmafu Nocords (CD and […]