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Pamelia Stickney – Peripheral Vision, Escape Routes live at National

Pamelia StickneyPamelia Stickney
© 2018 Pamelia Stickney
- year of the release: 2018 -
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Stuart Popejoy piano/bass/keyboard/ears
Danny Tunick vibraphone/marimba/ears
Pamelia Stickney theremin/composition/etc

Peripheral Vision, Escape Routes
i. vultures
ii. sakartvelo
iii. tide/amoral chorale
iv. between seasons/phobos disintegrates
v. sea sky berceuse

Live recorded at National Sawdust New York on March, 28th 2018

Mix/master: Christoph Amann


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    MORR 158CD – 2018 - Release date: 1st of February morr music, b.fleischmann instrumental recordings, cd/vinyl master:  Christoph Amann, Amann Studios mix: Bernhard Fleischmann and Christoph Amann

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