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AIR2hEAR#9 – composers’ encounters at amann studios


Sunday, 12.08.18
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David Bird
Electro-acoustic performance/presentation

Christof Kurzmann
Laptop live electronics with lloopp

KulturKontakt Austria bietet den Composers in Residence die Möglichkeit, in den amann studios an ihren Projekten in geeigneter Studioumgebung zu arbeiten und die entstandenen Werke in einem öffentlichen Konzert in der Reihe “AIR 2 hEar – composers’ encounters at amann studios” im kleineren Rahmen am Ende der fünftägigen Studiosession zu präsentieren, gemeinsam mit österreichischen Musikschaffenden.

Diese Neuauflage der “live recording sessions” ist Teil der seit einiger Zeit bestehenden Kooperation von KulturKontakt Austria mit amann studios. Als Gäste der Composers in Residence von Bundeskanzleramt und KulturKontakt Austria fungieren nun – in Umdrehung des ursprünglichen Prinzips – Musikschaffende und KomponistInnen aus Österreich.

Konzert in Kooperation von KulturKontakt Austria und amann studios

Eintritt frei


© David Bird

David Bird will present selections from a upcoming large scale electroacoustic work “Synonymic”, which explores a synth-laden retro-futuristic sound world comprised of off-kilter samples and computer generated sound.



David Bird is a composer and multi-media artist based in New York City. His work explores the dramatic potential of electroacoustic and mixed media environments, often highlighting the relationships between technology and the individual. His work has been performed internationally, at venues and festivals such as the MATA festival in New York City; the Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands; the Wien Modern Festival in Vienna, Austria; the SPOR festival in Aarhus, Denmark; the IRCAM Manifeste Festival in Paris, France; the Festival Mixtur in Barcelona, Spain. He has composed and collaborated with groups like the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Jack Quartet, the Bozzini Quartet, Yarn/Wire, the Talea Ensemble, Mantra Percussion, the Mivos Quartet, the Austrian Ensemble for Contemporary Music (OENM), AUDITIVVOKAL Dresden, Ensemble Proton Bern, Loadbang, the TAK Ensemble, Ensemble Moto Perpetuo, and the Nouveaux Classical Project.

He is a founding member of the New York-based chamber ensemble TAK, and an artistic-director with Qubit New Music, a non-profit group that curates and produces experimental music events in New York City.

Christof Kurzmann

Music – references by category

Online mastering – references by category

  • CD/Vinyl mastering
  • Downloadable audio formats
  • DDP creation/editing
  • Online delivery/ MD5 verification

Selected productions

  • Otto Lechner / Klaus Trabitsch – Still

    H1578 / © 1997 Vinyl Edition 2019 HOANZL   Otto Lechner (Accordeon), Klaus Trabitsch(Guitars, Dobro, Steeldrum), Herbert Reisinger(Drums), Christoph Petschina(Bass), Peter Rosmanith(Percussions), Georg Graf(Saxes), Dhafer Youssef(Oud/Vocals), Anton Burger (Violin), Hans Tschiritsch (Glass Harmonica) Recording/Mix: Alex Rathner Mastering: Amann Studios

  • Soap&Skin ‎– Narrow

    PIASR520CDX – 2012 – [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=true&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]