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live recording session #127

Samstag, 10.04.2010

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Yedda Chunyu Lin – piano & prepared piano
Daniel Lercher – live electronic

die delayzeiten werden wieder länger im schlafloch
die stille liegt zwischen stromschlag und hammer
das schwingungsverhalten zweier schafe im datenaustausch­yeddacat


YEDDA CHUNYU LIN (born in Taiwan, lives and works in Vienna). 
Piano Artist.
She started to play piano when she was 4 years old, learned to sing and dance when she was 9 years old, studied 6 years Chemical Engineering in her hometown Taipei city / Taiwan. She always has passion for piano music, especially experimental music.
After finished her study, she worked as a piano teacher and also as an assistant in a Records company in Taiwan. One day she woke up and realized, that life is just too short to make all dreams come true, she had to do it immediately. So she packed her bag and left Taipei city, went to Vienna, being a student again… 
Now she got the degree in Piano Pedagogy from University Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and continues postgraduate education.

Besides being a good interpreter for great compositions, such like P.Boulez, S.Montague, T.Johnson, F. Cerha, A.Webern, O.Messiaen, C.Debussy, M.Ravel, E.Satie…etc. Experimental music and free improvisation always attracted her heart and mind. She plays duo with Franz Hautzinger (Trumpet), Daniel Lercher (Live elektronic), Klaus Zalud (Drums)… and many other wonderful musicians.

My music could be noise,
could be psychedelic,
could be bizarre… It’s an art work.
PEI is the keyword: „Passion, Energy & Intensity”

– Yedda Chunyu Lin –

born in the austrian countryside, currently residing in Vienna. Graduate of the course for computermusic and electronic media at the institute for composition and electroacoustics Vienna. Works with sound, live-electronic, phonography, installations, video..
Concerts-performances-exhibitions-projects in Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, India, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Serbia, Poland, Norway

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