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live recording session #129

Sonntag, 09.05.2010

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Dario Fariello – Alto Sax
Eren Ileri – DJ, Alto Sax Samples­dariofariello­kolonelbleep


The duo was born in summer 2009 in Istanbul. Eren uses only prerecorded alto saxophone samples, and Dario plays with/on/under it in real-time.
Touching the vinyl controller the tone becomes scratch, leaving we are back to the sax, but in a different part of the composition! So the DJ plays rimtically with this switch possibility: scratch and re-composition, superimposing voices.
After some concerts and some private sessions the “sound bank” evolved: they went back to the studio and recorded more material: long sounds made for scratching, wind sections, static soundscapes and multi-layer compositions. 

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Selected productions

  • LUCIA RONCHETTI – action music pieces

    Kairos – 0015027KAI – 2018 – Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: EAN Code: 9120040731137 Artist(s): Ensemble intercontemporain, Orchestra della Toscana, Christian Dierstein, Luca Pfaff, Michele Marco Rossi Composer(s): Lucia Ronchetti Recording Date: 2013 & 2015 Recording Venue: various Release: September 2018 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann

  • Hannes Kerschbaumer – Phloem

    Verlag Neue Musik – kr10131 – 2019] – Listen on Amazon Music 12 Stücke für Akkordeon und Harfe Besetzung: Gabriela Mossyrsch (Harfe), Karl Huber (Akkordeon) „Phloem“ zeigt 15 Kompositionen in einem Zyklus von 12 Sätzen für Akkordeon und Harfe. Auf die einzelnen Meditationen, die die Grundlage des Werkes bilden, folgen jeweils Interpolationen, die jede Meditation klanglich […]