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live recording session #179

Saturday, 03.11.12
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Magda MAYAS – piano
Laura ALTMANN – clarinet

GREAT WAITRESS is a trio, with MAGDA MAYAS on piano, Monika Brooks on accordion and LAURA ALTMAN on clarinet, and their music is featherlike, with soft sounds cautiously weaving a calm but intense silenscape. …
Fragile and solid at the same time. Like touching the wings of a butterfly, it is almost as risky and daring to listen to this music, as your personal volume and sound could harm what you hear.

“…GREAT WAITRESS rethink the concepts of melody and harmony. There’s a blurring of instrumental identities in a collective exploration of timbral and textural possibilities. All three instruments are totally defamiliarised – accordion in particular sounds almost like an electronic sound source. This is music – or rather, I’d argue, sound-art – that results from careful, minute attention to production of individual sounds, and demands the same attention from listeners…”
Jazz and Improv Column October 2011, A.J.Hamilton

“If spiders have musical dreams while spinning webs, they might sound like the fragile wisps of sound created by GREAT WAITRESS….Sometimes the individual instruments become blurred in a sonic mystery that is both enthralling and disorienting. Almost invariably, the sounds are tiny and delicate – just the faintest engraving upon silence – and as intricately connected as that spider’s web”
SMH one, by John Shand, december 2011

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