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live recording session #99

Samstag, 13.12.2008

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Eric Arn – Gitarre
David Schweighart – Schlagzeug
Daniel Schmelz – Bass
Meaghan Burke – Cello
Lukas Schöller – Electronics


Mining the further regions of avant psych-rock for the past 15 years, PU leader Eric Arn began in the legendary Crystalized Movements (which spawned Magic Hour and the Major Stars) in the 1980s. A rotating membership typifies the band, and a restlessness to stay put underlies a steady progression from distorted, psychedelic Nuggets-esque overload to full-blown free instrumental rock, and everything in between. Just before relocating from Austin,TX to Vienna, Austria in 2005, The band recorded ‘Loss of Affect’ (2006), the most outré document of the Primordial Undermind sound, for the Strange Attractors label. They’ve released 5 previous albums on Emperor Jones (US), Camera Obscura (Aus), and September Gurls (Ger).

“Reverberating with primitive hallucinogenic drones, garage rock grinds and improvisations that slowly build from half-formed blowouts to cosmic Stockhausen-style epics… PU have crawled out of the psychedelic undergrowth and evolved into something special” – Edwin Pouncey, The Wire 
“Words like trippy and psychedelic were invented for this kind of music, but they seem inadequate here… try “revelatory” instead” – Jennifer Kelly, Popmatters­primordialundermind­music/­Primordial+Undermind



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Selected productions

  • Soap&Skin ‎– Untitled

    PIASR 143 T – 2008 –  

  • GERALD RESCH – Collection Serti et al.

    Kairos – 9120010281884 – 2012 – Kairos Musik 0013282KAI EAN Code: Artist(s): Klangforum Wien, Gertrude Rossbacher, Peter Keuschnig, Clement Power, Stefan Neubauer, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Johannes Hiemetsberger, Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Chorus sin nomine Composer(s): Gerald Resch Recording Date: Okt. 2011 Recording Venue: Graz Release: October 2012 Final CD-Master, Post Production: Christoph Amann