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Tonstudio – Christoph Amann

M. Poleukhina, A. Chernyshkov, D. Fariello and S. Vogelsinger

Saturday, 25.08.18

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  • 20:00 @amann studio – public live recording
  • live stream from 20:15

Admission: 8.-/10.-


Electroacoustic ensemble performance

Dario Fariello – soprillo sax, vcv rack, tenor viola feedbacker
Alexander Chernyshkov – high voltage relays, extended brass, whistles, voice
Marina Poleukhina – amplified objects, voice, guitar
Stefan Voglsinger – sound manipulation



© Marina Poleukhina



Marina Poleukhina

marina poleukhina is a moscow based composer and improviser. marina’s musical focus lies in composition and improvisation on various objects and the instability of sound; silence and silence as the sound; real life and real life as sound. amongst others she is inspired by ligeti, nono, feldman, waits, yoshihide, and hosseini.


Alexander Chernzshkov

alexander chernyshkov died in 2063 by being stabbed down in the metro in paris, apparently because he was selling some forbidden records and other material. he started his career as a decent and gifted composer and in 2014 decided to do movies but only for some years, in order to find, that the real art is daily life and the other way around, so he became a constant installation in vienna and in the life of ma artists. he became famous for his artwork in 2021, when he connected a living cow to the web 3.0 and started mutating the cells of the cow by random rotistic processes. the cow later started talking and killing innocent animals and was therefore slaughtered, which became a famous documentary by the director niklas seidl.
in 2030 they started doing their “socio-fascistic” actions in athens and kuala lumpur and got imprisoned for drinking zwickl in the öffentlichkeit.


Stefan Voglsinger is an improviser and performer based in Vienna/Austria.
He studied drums, music & movement pedagogy and sound for films in Cuba.
Voglsinger focuses on interdisciplinary experiments and works with sound and image, developing performances or audiovisual installations including selfbuilt or hacked electronic circuits. This leads to many collaborations with different artists and collectives in Austria and abroad as well as projects including film, dance and theatre. At Setzkasten Wien he modifies analog film projectors, works in the darkroom and the sound studio. As a curator he organizes regularly exhibitions, concerts and gives Circuit Cooking soldering workshops in schools, associations and festivals.


Dario Fariello / see archive

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