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HDGOE / Aufbruch ins Ungewisse – Österreich seit 1918




Sound installations for the recent exhibition “Into the Unknown – Austria since 1918″

and the Alma Rosé Memorial as special exhibition on the upper floor (Alma Rosé Plateau).

at the HDGOE (Haus der Geschichte Österreich)


as part of the main exhibition:

Austrian Soundmarks:

4-channel sound installation 67 min.

Listen with headphones! – binaural mix



Field recordings mixed with literature quotations referring to Austria in its current state and historical contexts.

Narraters: Angelika Lang, Suse Lichtenberger, Wolfram Berger and Christian Reiner

The quotations were selected by Eveline Polt-Heinzl/Literaturhaus Wien

Concept, recordings and studio production: Christoph Amann


IMG_5678 2


Many thanks to Gustavo Petek, Birgit Johler and Thomas Sandri.





Selected productions

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    Konzett – KKK4-10 – 2018 - Galerie Konzett   DVD I: KKK4 – KKK6 DVD II: KKK7 – KKK9 DVD III: KKK10   Musikalische Leitung: Michael Mautner, Videoaufzeichnung und Bildschnitt: Camillo Cibulka, Tonaufnahmen, Mix und Master: Christoph Amann

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