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Franzobel – Groschens Grab


NDR Radio play
– 2017 –
NDR Kultur

Composition: Otto Lechner
Editing: Susanne Hoffmann
Director: Beatrix Ackers
With Gregor Seberg, Wolfram Berger, Gabriela Benesch, Gerti Drassl, Horst Heiss, David Miesmer, Reini Moritz, Ana Stevanovic Bilic, Thomas Mraz, Erhard Hartmann, Wolfgang Hübsch, Peter Strauß and many others.

Production: NDR 2017/first broadcast

Narrators and field recordings:

Amann Studios, Christoph Amann

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Music recordings and mix:

Christoph Amann and Otto Lechner

      1. Groschens-Grab-Snippet-441.mp3

Groschens Grab Cover

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