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live recording session #125

Samstag, 06.03.2010

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Anthea Caddy – Cello
Magda Mayas – Piano

Anthea Caddy and Magda Mayas are a cello and piano duo based in Berlin, Germany.
Focussed primarily on the extension of the instrument utilising extended techniques and a heightened acoustic sensibility the duo creates a ‘total sound world’.
The duo has performed in Europe in recent years and toured the USA in trio with Annette Krebs in 2009.­antheacaddyandmagdamayas


MAGDA MAYAS is a pianist and curator currently based in Berlin, Germany. After studying jazz and improvisation in Berlin she began to develop a specific set of techniques for inside-piano performance. Magda has concentrated her musical investigations on the piano and its sonic possibilities, utilizing extended techniques, amplification and preparations as a process of abstraction, whilst focusing on the physicality of both internal and external parts of the piano.

ANTHEA CADDY is a cellist and artist from Melbourne, Australia. Exploiting the cello’s textural, spatial and dynamic capabilities her performances are informed by the relationship between digital composition, environmental field recording, and acoustic performance. 
Anthea often records her cello in unusual spaces using various microphone placements and the surrounding environment to highlight and abstract her performance. These recordings become the basis for her composition and installation work.


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Selected productions

  • WENCHEN QIN – Orchestral Works

    Kairos 0015032KAI – 2018 – Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: Artist(s): ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien, Gottfried Rabl, Wei Ji, Weiwei Lan Composer(s): Wenchen Qin Recording Date: 7-14 March 2016 Recording Venue: Großer Sendesaal, ORF Funkhaus, Vienna, Austria Release: May 2018 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann

  • LUCIA RONCHETTI – action music pieces

    Kairos – 0015027KAI – 2018 – Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: EAN Code: 9120040731137 Artist(s): Ensemble intercontemporain, Orchestra della Toscana, Christian Dierstein, Luca Pfaff, Michele Marco Rossi Composer(s): Lucia Ronchetti Recording Date: 2013 & 2015 Recording Venue: various Release: September 2018 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann