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On-location recording is performed by recording engineers in cooperation with Amann Studios. 20 years of work experience has given us a profound knowledge of the local film business and Vienna’s creative pool that involves professionals from all production segments including sound recording in the field or the set in a given sound stage as well as foley artists or sound designers.

The studio itself is dedicated to the further film production tasks like voice-over recordings, sound editing, supplying of sound archive material, doing decent sound design or repair and preparing for the final mix at dedicated cinema mixing/mastering facilities as well as the final mix for DVD/TV productions.

Film score recording/production is done together with the responsible composers and assigned studio managers or mixed/mastered to the music stems when it comes ready in multi track or stereo format.

5.1 Digital Audio/Analog Surround Sound – Dolby Stereo® – for cinema is not included in our services as it is strongly advised to have a professional dubbing stage doing the final mix, addressing sound distribution and spectrum related facts of Dolby® Systems and movie theatre acoustics.

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