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Our recording rooms are acoustically trimmed and built room-in-room for best possible shielding – to stay on friendly terms with our neighbours and stay free of restricted daily recording hours and unwanted side effects like church bells in the middle of a magic take.

At Amann Studios there is no Studio A capable of holding large ensembles but the size of the main recording room – 45 sq m – is just enough to have a band playing all at once without the need of overdubbing where it doesn’t make sense musically. More demanding instrument combinations like hard hitten drums with a softly playing string ensemble can be done using Studio A and Studio B simultaneously whereas “too loud” guitar amps can go into the speaker cabinet placed in the main room.

Of course we like track by track recording too and also have custom-made tube reamping DI boxes  – if a guitar amp made problems and the amp sound has to be recorded again from the tracked line signal – to name just one good reason for it.

A choice of microphones – studio classics like the Neumann U87 or M149/147 or AKG C12 and exotic brands like Josephson, the C700S being my favorite mike for the moment, or the vintage M160 Beyer Dynamic ribbon mikes – for all kinds of instrumental and voice recordings as all other components of the technical setup can be found in the equipment section on our website

We don’t have enough space for a Neve mixing board and of course couldn’t afford one but combining different elements like analog preamps with a reliable and good sounding digital recording has the advantage of having the freedom to use well suited preamps for the variety of sound materials occurring in a complex recording scenario. There seems to be a quite varying good fit between microphone signals and corresponding preamps – the U87 has a better sound in combination with a Focusrite Red One for lead vocals whereas softly played strings are best combined with a Millennia preamp. And the extra bite on drums can be achieved by analog pre-processing in the recording signal path with analog compression and a reliable clipping protection on the Pro Tools HDX AD input (soft clip/curv).
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Selected productions

  • LUCIA RONCHETTI – action music pieces

    Kairos – 0015027KAI – 2018 – Kairos Musik Catalogue No.: EAN Code: 9120040731137 Artist(s): Ensemble intercontemporain, Orchestra della Toscana, Christian Dierstein, Luca Pfaff, Michele Marco Rossi Composer(s): Lucia Ronchetti Recording Date: 2013 & 2015 Recording Venue: various Release: September 2018 Final CD-Master: Christoph Amann

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