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Public live recording session – Wolfgang Tschegg

Saturday, 24.06.17

I have to add some personal remarks on this coming event at amann studios, as it is closing a really great circle in the little globe of my life as a sound worker. In 1993, Wolfgang asked me to do a recording of his songs. It happened to be the first CD, I made with my own equipment, consisting of my mac and a 4 channel sound card, which was the first Pro Tools system available. We had some nice AKG microphones, a “small” sound craft console and a great recording location, a church in the 6. district of Vienna.

The result was a really nice album, I’m still proud of. Read more about it in the text below.

Wolfgang, who has lived in Berlin for many years, called me last summer and we decided to do another recording together, this time at my studio. After 24 years the chemistry was still good and the some of the recorded songs were already played on independent radios in New York and London.

listen to Wolfgang Tschegg


Wolfgang Tschegg
Wolfgang Tschegg - Voice, Piano
Gernot Ebenlechner - Drums


© Wolfgang Tschegg


© Gernot Ebenlechner
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AIR2hEAR #6 – composers’ encounters at amann studio

Sunday, 18.6.17

Gailė Griciūtė – Peter Jakober/Caroline Mayrhofer

AIR stands for artists in residence program by Kulturkontakt Austria. The concert series is a collaboration between Kulturkontakt and Amann Studios. The artists in residence work for one week at a dedicated space in Amann Studios and show their works at the end in a concert together with Austrian Composers, invited by Christoph Amann.


Gailė Griciūtė

Played back live by the composer as multichannel projection:

1. Honey Leaks, 2017
elektroakustische Komposition
Surround sound 5.1 projection/screening in the mixing room:

2. Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes, 2016
17:31 min Video

Gaile Studiokonzert

© Gaile Griciute


Peter Jakober & Caroline Mayrhofer
Komposition für Liveelektronik und Blockflöten

„weitern“ für Blockflöten und Liveelektronik
Dauer: ca. 15 Minuten

Caroline Mayrhofer – recorders
Peter Jakober – live electronics

peter caro studiokonzert

© Peter Jakober: Franz Reiterer, Caroline Mayrhofer: Annunziata Schmidt-Chiari
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AIR 2 hEar – composers’ encounters #5

Saturday, 03.06.17



Natalia Dominguez Rangel - Isotropic

Öffentliche Preview von Natalias erster LP-Veröffentlichung. Adaptiert als Mehrkanal-Sound-Installation


Irene Kepl – Memorandum

Kompositon und Solo Violine

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Amann Studios 2013 – 2016

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